Privacy Policy

At YOURDEVTEAM LTD we understand the importance of privacy for our clients and Users of our Website that’s why we pay a lot of attention to these issues in order to ensure appropriate protection and security of the data that we collect and use in our work. Our Privacy Policy includes the information on the ways we gather information, process and protect the Data that you share with us.

There are two parties: you, the User of the Website, and YOURDEVTEAM LTD, the company that owns and operates this Website. This Privacy Policy regulates the interaction between these two parties and sets the principles that we should follow in our work with the Data that we receive from you in the framework of your usage of any Services or Systems of the Website.

Definitions and Interpretation

In this Privacy Policy we use a range of notions that shall be interpreted in the following meanings as expressed here:

“Content” – any type of text information, images, graphics, audio files, video content, software, data compilations, combined types of information and any other forms of information not mentioned in this list but capable of being downloaded, copied or saved and being stored in a computer or any other device represents a part of this Website;

“Cookie” – a small text file that can be placed on your computer by YOURDEVTEAM LTD. It happens while a User visits some pages of this Website or uses Services. Cookies help us to understand visitors behavior on this Website, their interests, needs, and preferences.

“Data” – all information and details that you share with us using this Website, for example, your contact details, name, surname, etc. This data may be asked to be submitted while you use our Services and Systems.

“Service” – a collective notion that refers to the type of online facilities, tools, services or information that YOURDEVTEAM LTD provides public access via the Website either at the current moment or will do in future;

“System” – any type of online communications infrastructure that YOURDEVTEAM LTD provides via the Website either at the current moment or will do in the future. These forms of online communication include web-based emails, message boards, live chat facilities, and email links. Nevertheless, a full list is not limited to the above-mentioned forms of communications infrastructure.

“User” / “Users” – any third party, any visitor who enters and uses the Website but is not an employee of YOURDEVTEAM LTD and/or is not visiting the Website seeking to be employed;

“Website” – the website that you are visiting at the current moment and a part of which this page is ( as well as any sub-domains of this site if they are not expressly excluded in accordance with their own terms and conditions.

“YOURDEVTEAM LTD” (also referred to as ‘YDT’) – the name of the limited company with the registered office of 60 Hinckley Road Leicester LE3 0RB. The company is registered in the United Kingdom with a company number 11372222. You can contact us using the following contact details: and +44 1509 733445.

Data Collected

To visit some sections of this Website, you are not required to provide any Data at all. Nevertheless, to request more information about Services and Systems that we offer on our Website, you will be asked to share your name and contact information or some other types of Data.

Collection of the following Data is not limited or restricted by any provisions: your name; contact details that may include email addresses and phone numbers; demographic information, interests and preferences; some technical details that are collected automatically and include IP address, type and version of the web browser you use, your behavior on our Website including your actions and time you spend on the website; and cookie details.

How We Use Your Data

The Data that we collect from and about visitors on our Website we may use in order to improve your interaction with our Website and to offer you the most suitable and highly demanded services. To contact individuals our company relies on legitimate interests legal grounds. For example, we reserve the right to contact you with a view to provide you with the services or information in accordance with the request that you have submitted on our Website. We also can contact you by email to share with you some promotional materials that may be useful for you. In the framework of conducting a market study, we may contact you by phone or by email. The information on your interests and preferences may help us to update or customize the Website in order to improve your experience. Your personal data that we receive during your visit of our Website can be used to present you information in the most appropriate way especially for you. It also enables us to offer you products and services that potentially can be very appealing for you. Moreover, based on such data we can understand which products and services are in demand. This data also allows us to develop the most appropriate pricing policy. We want you to understand that gathering, analyzing and using this data, we try to make our Website better for all our clients and Users. We also provide you with a possibility to prohibit us to process your data and just delete it. To do it, please, see the section “Your Right to Access or Withhold your own Data” that can be found below. But please, don’t forget that withdrawal of your consent for your data processing will influence some of the Services that you can access on this Website.

Data Retention Policy

Please, note that the time period of retention of your personal Data by YOURDEVTEAM LTD is limited to the time period of your usage of the Services and Systems that are provided on the Website. As for Data that is received from you via any type of communications System, we may retain it for a period of up to 6 months. After this period is over, it will be automatically deleted as it is considered that you do not need our Services any more.

We never disclose your Data to any third parties, unless it is required by law. The exception is those parties that participate in processing your data for the purposes mentioned above.

We can guarantee you that we store your personal Data in full conformity with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 2018 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).

Third-Party Websites and Services

YOURDEVTEAM LTD has the right to use the services of third parties to address the issues related to search engine facilities, analytics, advertising and marketing purposes. Nevertheless, the issues maybe not limited to the above-mentioned ones. The parties that provide such services do not obtain access to personal Data of Users of our Website. If any third parties need to process any Data in the framework of the provision of their services, it is done in full compliance with the current Privacy policy and the GDPR.

Some links to websites operated by different third parties can be found on this Website. Nevertheless, YOURDEVTEAM LTD does not control them, their content and privacy policies and, consequently, we do not guarantee the reliability and integrity of these websites.

Accessing and Controlling Use of Your Data

You always can request removing or update of your personal Data, sending a request to

You also can change the settings of your browser in order to restrict or block Cookies. But remember that it may influence some Services available on the Website. Before changing any settings we recommend you to study our Cookies Policy.


Data security is one of the main priorities for YOURDEVTEAM LTD and we have put in place significant physical, technical and managerial efforts intending to protect your Data and ensure absolute security for Data that we collect online from and about Users of this Website. We view your personal details as Confidential Information and treat it correspondingly. We store your Data on secure servers and only a limited group of YOURDEVTEAM LTD employees have an opportunity to access it. Thanks to encrypting methods that we use for protecting your Data, unauthorized parties do not have an opportunity to view or use it.

Cross-border data transfers

Data that is collected by YOURDEVTEAM LTD for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy may be accessed by the authorized staff in any of the countries where YOURDEVTEAM LTD works (at the current moment our offices and development centers work in the UK, the USA, Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine). Nevertheless, the exchange of the Data between the countries and its processing in each of the above-mentioned countries is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the current Privacy Policy and the GDPR.

Changes of Business Ownership and Control

Due to a number of external and internal factors, YOURDEVTEAM LTD has the right to scale or reduce its business, such changes may lead to the sale of some divisions or departments or relinquishing of control over them to some other parties. In such cases, Data, that was received from Users and is related to some of the divisions or departments sold or transferred, will be passed to a new owner or operator of these units. As a result, a new party will have the right to use your Data but only in accordance with the purpose that was presupposed initially when you have submitted the Data.

Before transferring your Data to a new owner we will contact you to get your consent. You will have an option whether to give us the right to transfer your Data to a new Data controller or to delete your Data.

Changes to this Policy

Please, bear in mind, that YOURDEVTEAM LTD reserves the right to introduce changes to this Privacy Policy in case it is required by law or is considered necessary due to some other factors.

As soon as the changes are implemented, the information on the Website will be updated immediately and it will be considered that you accept the modified provisions of the Policy if you continue to use the Website.