Ruby Dedicated Team

For those who are considering a variant to hire good specialists with expertise in working with Ruby-based projects, hiring a dedicated team could become a very appealing option.

Such a method of interaction with out-of-staff specialists presupposes a comprehensive solution for those who do not want to waste time on administrative and HR issues but want to be in close contact with developers working on the project.

Dedicated teams are gathered in full accordance with your needs and requirements. And unlike freelancers and outsource specialists, our dedicated teams are orientated at long-term results and valuable commitment. Moreover, working with a dedicated team you can always be absolutely sure in the quality of the product as you have an opportunity to control all processes step-by-step, see how the work is being done and provide necessary guidelines.

What makes our Ruby dedicated teams better than others: experienced professionals; attention to details; accurate and debugged processes; deep engagement into clients’ projects